Hello world!

Always like the hello world concept.  Saying ‘Wasssuuuupp!” to people, in an infinite variety of contexts, languages, etiquette, protocol, forms, order makes for an extensible challenge for any design environment.  Its the first thing I do in any language, and even in things like 3d graphics, circuit board layout, solid modelling, mechanical drawing, rapid prototyping.

Here’s a todo list for myself.

Say “Howdy Y’all” in ant :    ant wassup

Say “Hola Amigo” in C# on a client and C++ on a server:  c:/workspace/wTryCs/pHello/translate.exe -s wassup

Put “Privyet” on a bouncing object in OpenGL: c:/workspace/wTryGl/bounce.exe -s pyramid -v 1.0,0.3,0.4 -m Privyet

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